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Growing your flowers is such a joy. And with our top-quality flower bulbs, a stunning view in spring is guaranteed. Dress up your garden, patio, or balcony. Pick your style and colors. And share the beauty.

Over 100 years of experience

In our family business, we pass the love for flowers on from generation to generation. We deliver the best Dutch-quality flower bulbs worldwide right to your doorstep. And we’ve been proud contributors to Keukenhof for years.

Did you know...

that tulips are not native to the Netherlands? They’re believed to be originally from Persia, where they grew on the slopes in the Tian Shan and Pami Mountains of Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

Clusius, a botanist who traveled all over the world, planted the first tulip in Leiden in 1593.


From bulb to tulip

A tulip bulb is an amazing container: a swollen underground stem that stores food and energy. It contains a miniature plant with flower, leaf, and root parts, all ready to spring forth when conditions are right. 

Tulips bloom in spring from early March to late May. Before they can bloom, the bulbs need a period of cold, so you should plant them in the fall. In the cold soil bulbs can grow big and develop strong roots, to turn into beauties in spring.

Planting is easy!

Our amazing assortment

Pick your style and colors from our wide top-quality bulb assortment and get your garden or balcony spring ready!

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